Change ‘Add To Cart’ Text in WooCommerce

Whenever there’s something I struggle to find a clear answer for (and eventually figure out myself), I like to post it for those who need help later. This is one of those times.

If you ever wanted to change the ‘Add To Cart’ text on your WooCommerce site, just add in the following code to your functions.php file (or similar):

Don’t forget to change the text to whatever you’d like your button to say!

  • Juanfra Aldasoro

    Great Snippet Bryce! Filters and hooks, sky is the limit. Love ‘em

  • jimbles

    Can you provide us with the code for replacing the ‘Add to Cart’ text when viewing the category page?

  • adam


    Which functions.php file do you add the code to?

    The one on the theme or the one in the plugin?

    • bryceadams


  • Mustapha

    This worked perfectly! Thanks…!

    Would you be able to show us how to add an ‘add to cart’ button in the catalogue as well?

  • Zuber

    Thanks, it worked perfectly :)

  • Ana

    Hello dear thanks for the code but i want to change the text on shop page also.
    Replay me if possibe..

  • vikram

    i did some thing . i pasted code at the end of function.php in my theme but nothing is changed. please let me know